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Bringing Real Instruction Developing Great Experience is an El Sistema style program in partnership with San Jacinto Unified School District. Classes are taught at San Jacinto Elementary School. This is a program of one hour instruction several days a week. Classes include beginning classes and sequenced continuation classes. Teachers are professional performers and string teachers. Instruments and instruction are all provided free to students who commit to the program.

At MUSICA! we are committed to maintaining a culture wherein words are silenced by actions. We deliberately practice excellence, empowering students to obtain goals, and utilizing resources that will enable them to become lifelong learners. The collaboration of parents, faculty, staff, and community provides a caring, academically challenging, and technologically-advanced environment, balanced by discipline and fairness for the cultivation of diverse talents, skills, and interests for life. It is our vision to achieve excellence through the provision of a rigorous and challenging academic program that nurtures and expands the skills, talents, and interests of our students.

There are four levels of instruction in the program:
  • Foundations: for brand new beginners
  • Renaissancefor newly trained players continuing from Foundations class
  • Baroque: for more advanced students continuing in the program
  • ECHO (Everyone's Community Harmonious Orchestra): an ensemble of players selected by audition. This orchestra is mandated to perform in the community on a monthly basis.

All levels award scholarships to students who are willing to comply with all the standards of the program.

Scholarship Info



Frequently Asked Questions

"How are Scholarship Recipients Chosen?"
For Foundations level, second grade students are informed of the application procedure and given the guidelines and expectations. Students who are interested in joining the program must turn in a brief application by the given date. Foundations classes are kept at a maximum of 28 students. Participants are picked by random draw from all applications. Those awardees are asked to sign and return a participation contract. A waitlist is formed of second graders from the remaining applications. If there are additional students at third or fourth grade, they are put on the waitlist as well. In August, participants are reminded of their commitment. Any spots vacated by applicants moving or changing their commitment are filled from the waitlist. If during the first three weeks of the beginning program, there are students who cannot comply with the attendance or behavior requirements, those spots are also filled from the waitlist.

Students in the continuing levels of Renaissance and Baroque classes are awarded scholarships by returning applications and a signed contract in May. They are reminded of their commitment in the August of the new school year. Our programs begin the first week of September.

ECHO audtions are held usually in the late spring and sometimes in the winter. The students selected for ECHO sign contracts that agree to daily practice, and a rigorous rehearsal, lesson, and concert schedule. Families must be willing to get students to concert locations throughout the community. BRIDGE works with parents to provide  cooperative car-pooling for these events. 

"In which level should my child play?"
Foundations students learn important basic postures for holding the instrument, the bow, concert decorum, and how to read basic musical notation for notes on two strings and to play simple ensemble music. Most students graduate to Renaissance or Baroque. In select cases students can repeat this class.

Renaissance class teaches students to read and play notes on all four strings, to slur notes together, and to play more complicated orchestral music in at least three different key scales. This class can be repeated.

Baroque class teaches continuing students to read and play at speed, in different beat groupings, in ensemble where different parts play different rhythms, as well as to improvise in at least five different key scales. Students can take this level repeatedly since the music and challenges change.

ECHO students who audition are expected to exhibit the highest behavior standards, be students who have developed a daily practice habit, and families must make the commitment to the concert schedule. To pass the audition students must be able to sight read, to perform solo at concert level, to know notes in at least four key scales, and be able to count and perform advanced rhythmic patterns. Students are accepted based on the instrumental needs of ECHO.

"What does the material use fee pay for?"
Music books, folders, copies of orchestra music, T-shirts, rosin, new strings, shoulder rests, and bridges.

"Why is learning to play an instrument important for my child?"
Playing music works both sides of the brain, which improves language and writing skills as well as math functions. It also strengthens eye coordination and reading fluency, enhances memorization and reading skills, improves both gross and fine motor skills, and builds self-esteem. Playing music in a group motivates students to attend and excel in school, and provides positive social networks with friends and students in other grade levels and with students of different cultures, languages, and religions. It builds community pride. In addition, colleges seek students with long-term participation in music programs.

 "What do students in BRIDGE and ECHO wear for concerts?"
Each student will receive a MUSICA! T-shirt. For most concerts students wear their MUSICA! shirt, with black skirt/pants and black dress shoes.
ECHO students will need a white long sleeve button down shirt to wear with black skirt/pants and black dress shoes for formal events.

Parent Handbook

A digital copy of the parent handbook can be downloaded below

Parent Handbook
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