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Master Classes
If you are a participant, you come prepared to play some music by yourself, and have a master teacher listen and then tell you what you are doing right and what you can work on to make your playing the best it can be.
f you are an audience member, you get to watch, listen, and learn. You will see what makes master teachers great teachers and great musicians. You get to enjoy watching students of any age improve in their playing.
Is it scary? Well it could be, but if you are a player, you are probably used to getting a little scared anyway.
Are master teachers mean? Not the ones MUSICA! invites to teach!
Master Classes occur three times a year. These classes are usually open to the public at a nominal cost. They offer specific skill instruction from master teachers and performers in all types of playing in a relaxed setting emphasizing learning through practice and demonstration.

Past Master Classes

Master Class teachers have included:

  • John Brannon
  • Bunnell Strings
  • Teresa DiPietro
  • Lily McCabe
  • Elena Urioste
  • Don Reed
  • Frances Moore
  • Michelle Beauchesne
  • Barry Socher
  • Leo Kitajima
  • Heather Netz
  • Yale Strom
  • Diego Mondragon
  • Marshall Hawkins